About Me


Hi! I am Alainee Simonson,  a wife + mama to 2 beautiful babes whom I love with all my heart! Being a mama is one of my passions + I will tell you nothing has made me happier than being a wife + mama. But, when Catherine was born, I started to lose my way. I was drowning with the feeling of isolation + struggling to adjust to having two babes + being a SAHM.


Each time you come across another human being is an opportunity to impact someone’s life, and you get to choose if that will be a negative connection, or if you will leave a positive, meaningful one. So, I choose to embrace positivity and spread joy to others whenever possible, and I believe it is my mission to help others see the joy within their own lives + to help them see the good, raise their own frequencies to living a happier, healthier, life.


Life is much more fun when you are able to take a breath, slow down, and enJOY it, and if you are able to keep up doing so. Unfortunately, in this world we live in, it is so fast paced it is hard to slow down and do just that. We often neglect our own physical + mental health in an attempt to “keep up” and most are so overwhelmed they cannot enjoy just a simple moment.


As a mama and woman who has struggled with feeling like I belong, health and fitness came into my life at the absolutely perfect time. I have always struggled with body image, eating disorders, anxiety, and accepting myself, fitness helped me gain confidence and control. I started working out, and working on my physical and mental health one step at a time and I worked, and grew into a happier, more confident woman. Though, I also know what it looks like to totally abuse this process. To become totally obsessed with it. Thankfully, I was able to find the balance in my own life, and in the process, I found my passion spreading joy and motivation to others. Because what is it to live a life where you are constantly obsessed with working out, passing up on night’s out with friends because you don’t want to be tempted, and focusing solely on your outer appearance?


Because I too have struggled, I try and always bring a layer of compassion and awareness to all my work. I know what it feels like to be numb, trapped in my own head paralyzed by fear of judgment and rejection. Constantly worried about what someone is thinking of me, or if someone approves. Staring into the mirror totally disgusted by what I see. Picking apart every inch of myself. I know what it feels like to sit in my car for one more song before work, wondering how the heck I’m going to get through this day. And I know that living a joyful and meaningful life isn’t about being happy all the time. Instead, we have to learn to navigate this crazy thing called life, and truly learn to know our inner being, and what connects us and keeps us balanced.  We all have the ability to 


Basically, I’m your high frequency, fit-ish friend who is always sharing joy, motivation, and positivity, but isn’t afraid to keep is super real with you!

If you want to know more about what I do, or just want to connect (coffee is always good too), I would love to hear from you!


New to the Blog?

I’m so glad you’re here! Every week you’ll find helpful posts that inspire joy, wellness, health, energy, vibrancy, and self-reflection. I am the creator of The Always Rising Collective Team and Blog (ARCFIT) www.arc-fit.com. Where I primarily focused on health and fitness. Since started the blog in 2015, I have branched out and have and focused on an entirely different type of self care. As I have evolved, so has my brand, so I created alaineesimonson.com where I still continue to talk about health and fitness, but I also explore topics around creating joy, personal growth, spirituality, wellness and more, and am currently in the process of launching my podcast where we will talk about all those things! What better way to expand my brand, than my own name? This way, it is always evolving with me! I live in Grapevine, TX! In addition to running my website, I am a life coach, and fitness professional. When I am not working, I am usually exploring with my kiddos, baking my heart out, looking for new plant and smelling flowers, sipping on a cup of coffee, or enjoying quality time with my husband.