February 5, 2021

I have spent a lot of time reflecting on when my daughter was in the NICU. 9 long weeks of her being in the hospital, away from her family, and the extreme precautions with COVID. One of the most traumatic experiences for myself. Today I will have a training with my ELA department, and a part of it was to come prepared with some of our writing… That is when I came across this poem I wrote during her time in the hospital. Even with her being a little over 5 months old, going back and reading this was enough to bring me to tears. For anyone experiencing hardship, or having their child in the NICU. Know, it is temporary, be strong even though it is the hardest damn thing you will do. Cry when you get home when you need to, and know, when that baby comes home, it will all be worth it.


NICU Poem by Alainee Simonson

Blinking lights, strange sounds

Nurses all around

This isn’t the hello I imagined for when I got to meet you

Seeing you covered in wires, and essentially living in a box

Splitting my time between our home and these four walls

There have been so many tears

But my sweet girl don’t let them fool you

Mommy has been scared, but I know you’re a warrior

Not only have there been tears, but also moments filled with joy

Like the moment I held you for the very first time

For now this is hard, and is where you spend most of your time

But one day you’ll be home and spending all your time in these arms of mine

Your brother and sister ask about you everyday

And your daddy adores you and the cute faces you make

I’m thankful the nurses take such great care of you

They have become second family up in the NICU

So for now my dear, I will go home without you

But it won’t be for long

But you’ll be strong enough soon, and then mommy will always be beside you