She Couldn’t Wait Any Longer

September 6, 2020

I promise you the reason she came early is because she heard me saying she was going to stay cooking until she was 34 weeks. The same reason she will latch perfectly when no one is watching, but when the lactation consultant comes in she wants no part of it.

Miss Caroline Esther Grace Simonson made her debut into this world at 30 weeks 2 days on August 22, 2020. That Saturday started like any other day. Wake up, Matt brought the kids for an outdoor visit in front of the hospital. Around lunch Matt came up to my room with lunch, and we took a nap together. Well, after that nap I started having some abdominal pain. No biggie, I had some prior and didn’t think anything of it. Cue the lower back pain. Hmmm… now I’m a little more aware. Matt went home to get the kids from Gramma and Grandpa, and I decided to hop in the shower to see if it would help.

At this point, I still didn’t think anything of it. After my shower I called my nurse, and actually said to it, “it’s probably nothing, but I wanted to let you know…”. She came in and put me on the monitor and sure enough I was having contractions 10 minutes apart. Off to L&D I go. I was given another dose of steroids, started on magnesium, and observed to see if labor would slow down. My pain only started increasing, and I started feeling pressure.

My OB came in to see if I was dialated, and sure enough I was, so I got rolled back for a c-section since baby was breached. I was terrified of having a c-section. The thought of a spinal tap and being cut open. Baby girl came out and I started crying when I heard her tiny little cries. This wasn’t like my other two kiddos. I wasn’t able to hold her, neither was Matt. She was immediately tended to by the neonatologist and NICU team.

She was then rolled off to NICU and Matt followed while I sat in a recover room for the next 2 hours. After my 2 hours was up, my nausea become unbearable and I was wheeled off to see our daughter for the first time, fighting back the urge to vomit. I got to hold her tiny little finger, and then after a short while, was strolled to my postpartum room.


The next couple of days were rough for her. I was told she was critical yet stable, and one day I went to see her, I was just traumatized as I had to witness them resuscitate our little girl. Thankfully, God was watching over her, and her respiratory therapist said she was just telling us she was ready to be off the ventilator. She was placed on CPAP, and things started looking up from there.

After being discharged I would get a ride to see her daily. I was not able to hold her as she had a line in a main artery, but I got to see her, talk to her, and change her diapers. Until one day, in the middle of the week I went to see her, and to my surprise I was able to hold her. BEST DAY EVER. We were restricted to just one parent a day holding her, and Matt said it should be me. So for and hour and a half I held her. Then, we worked it out where I would hold her for 3 hours. Finally, Matt and I can both hold her on the same day.

Baby girl is now doing well, and has been moved to a private room in the NICU. Her CPAP is off and she only has a nasal cannula. With the CPAP off I am able to introduce the breast and we are doing two weeks of “exclusive breastfeeding.” She is latching like a champ, she just needs to build up her strength for longer feeds.

We still have a long road ahead, but things are looking up. All the continued prayers are greatly appreciated for our little girl. 💕