Almost 29 Weeks!

Almost 29 weeks pregnant. Crazy this photo was taken at 16 weeks! Looking stable, and hopeful to make it to 34 weeks!

August 11, 2020

It’s crazy to think that Matt took this photo of me when I was 16 weeks pregnant, and to think that this will be the only bump photo I will have during this pregnancy. I remember being in a state of hysteria when I went to the hospital at 19 weeks and they confirmed that my water broke. At the time, doctors couldn’t give me any answers, and honestly, even though they still can’t, doctors now say I am defying the odds. 95% of the time, when your water breaks that early, that most women deliver within a week.


Thankfully, we have gone well beyond that anticipated time, and baby girl continues to look fantastic on the monitor and on her scans. Tomorrow I have my next scan with MFM doctor to check my fluid levels and on baby girl, and today, my doctor said she is hopefully we will make it to 34 weeks since I have been so stable for so long. Even though anything can happen, my doctor has decided to schedule my c-section for September 17th. Only 37 days away. So close, yet so far. I am continuing to pray daily that everything goes smoothly, and we are able to make it to that date. (So far, it is looking like I will definitely need a c-section because baby is breached, and with my fluid levels low, there is not much likeliness that she will turn).


I feel pretty good mentally, I just really miss being able to see the kiddos all day and spending time with my family. Counting down to when I get to leave here, hopefully with our little girl right behind us. The doctors cannot guarantee that baby girl will get to go home right away, but anything is a possibility, and at least at 34 weeks, her NICU stay would be short, if at all.


To pass the time, I have been able to work remotely, and begin working on my Masters courses, so that has been keeping me busy, and helps make the time pass more quickly. The evenings during the week are my favorite when the kids get to come see me, even if it is 30 minutes in front of the hospital, and bring me dinner. Let’s not forget about our Sunday morning donut date where Matt brings the kids, donuts, and chocolate milk.


I am looking forward to being back home with the family, and getting to cook home cooked meals again. Although Matt will bring leftovers, or dinner from home, nothing beats sitting around the table with a hot home cooked meal and your family; and lets be honest, hospital food is meh.


That’s where we are now. Thank you for all your continued prayers, support, and thoughts.