My Favorite Workout Wear

Some of my favorite go to workout clothing!

July 27, 2020

Why Am I Posting About Workout Clothes During Hospital Bed Rest?

One of the most important things for the last several years has been to take care of my health, both physically, and mentally. I started making my health a priority after the birth of my son in 2014, and so much so, started a business to help others do the same in 2015. Focusing on my health, both mentally, and physically has been an important aspect of my life, overcoming eating disorders and depression, and seeking a more joy filled life. I worked out through my pregnancy with Catherine, and was working out until my water broke at 19 weeks pregnant with baby #3.


One of the things I am really looking forward to getting back to is being more active, and one of the things that gets me excited is having a cute, functional workout wardrobe. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite workout gear, and some of the things I can’t wait to put back on after I get the okay!


What Do I Look For in Workout Clothes?

I tend to be pretty basic when it comes to my taste in workout clothes, and usually wear a lot of black and neutral colors, but have tried to branch out a little. The BIGGEST key for me with workout clothes, is ensuring they fit well, and make me feel good in them (meaning not too lose or too tight, and my bottom can’t be seen through the material… because lets face it… we have all had that pair of leggings are bottom just is totally visible in and we did not realize it until after that yoga class… Whoops!)


Every body is different, and some brands fit better than others. For the longest time, I so desperately wanted Under Armor and Nike athletic wear because it was what I grew up around, however, between the cost, and how most everything fit me uncomfortably, I finally learned to shop for MY body. Yes, I still have some Nike and Under Armor gear (like my go to Under Armor shorts here), but it doesn’t have to be the only thing I purchase. It is important to know that when I am wearing my workout clothes, they are going to need to be constantly adjusted as I am working out. Constantly having to tug on my clothing makes me feel self-conscious, and honestly, who wants to continue to stop and pull their pants up as they’re doing burpees, jogging, or even walking around the neighborhood? Not me!


The other thing I always keep in mind is making sure my upper body has enough support. As a mama who breastfed her first two babies, and intends to with baby #3, a good support sports bra is important. It is so uncomfortable to wear a bra and find out that it is failing to hold the girls in place during your workout. Be on the lookout for the type of support the bras offer. This ranges from low, to high support, and I have found that each brand has a very different support, even if they both are intended to be a high support bra. Sometimes, I even double up on the sports bras, just to ensure I have adequate support during my workouts.



My Favorite Brands

Some of my favorite brands are Old Navy Active, Fabletics, and Lululemon. Fabletics and Old Navy is where I gravitate to first, simply because it is extremely affordable. I LOVE the quality of Lululemon, but with the price, it is definitely luxury for me to be able to splurge on their products, which I do once in a blue moon. Some of my longest lasting leggings are from Lululemon, and they still look as great as when I bought them 6 years ago.


Fabletics has their VIP program, and you can get great deals on outfits and athletic wear. Here are some of my favorite Fabletics outfits. The leggings cover my bottom, and do not leave me struggling to to constantly adjust my pieces. In addition, their sports bras have great support, so I do not feel the need to double up on bras. You can buy their pieces separately, or you can buy them in outfits. Fabletics also has a variety of colors and patterns so you can wear neutrals, or mix it up with some fun colors or patterns.


One of the other fun aspects of Fabletics, is you can wear their leggings to workout in, or I have often times found myself dressing the leggings up, or down, to run errands, or head out to a lunch date with friends.


Old Navy also does has quality tops and leggings’, though I would advise trying them on first. Fabletics I tend to fit in most anything, versus Old Navy has a lot of different materials, and some fit me better than others, but regardless, I can usually find a ton of workout clothes that work well for my body type and fit well.


No matter what brand you are leaning towards, be sure that you feel good in it! When you feel good, you do good, and when it comes to starting a new routine, especially with fitness, getting started off feeling good has been very important to me. Best of luck shopping, and hope you find some goodies to add to your workout wardrobe!