26 Week Pregnancy Update

26 Weeks! A miracle and a blessing to have made it this far, and only 11 more days until we make it to 28 weeks (the first date I said I would not totally freak out if we delivered). This is what has been going on!

July 26, 2020

How is Baby Doing?

It has been about 2 weeks since my last update, and another miraculous 2 weeks that I am still pregnant. Being this far along and at a stage the pregnancy is considered viable, I feel my doctors feel a little more comfortable telling me that they are surprised I have made it this far, as in most cases (95% of them) I would have delivered my baby within a week of my water breaking. My water broke on June 9th at 19 weeks 5 days pregnant, and we are still going strong at 26 weeks 3 days. Baby is looking great, and physically I am fine. They did transfer me to L&D last week as a precaution, and unfortunately, they had the straps on me too tight and it caused me to leak quite a bit of fluid. I have had normal fluid levels every scan I have gotten, but after that night, I was down to a 4 (anything over 8 is considered normal). I will produce more fluid, but I have not gotten back to a normal level since, but baby is still great and moving around.


My first goal when my water broke was to make it to 23 weeks (age of viability), and after I was admitted, I have wanted to make it to 28 weeks (August 6th), then afterwards, 34 weeks (the farthest they would let me go before inducing which would be September 17th). Obviously, I have no control over the outcome of when baby girl will come, however, I pray daily about it, and give God all the praise for us making it this far. At 28 weeks, the neonatologist said baby’s chances are really good, and we are looking at 90%+ survival rate after birth, which I why I strive towards the 28 week goal, which is only 11 days away. Even though we would still have a long NICU journey, the neonatologist eased my worries about baby girl if she were to be born that soon.


How Am I Doing Mentally?

These last couple of weeks have been extremely difficult mentally. So instead of the usual video, I just felt like typing everything out. This is a hard situation no matter what, however, I feel that adding COVID into the mix makes everything so much worse. Due to the COVID restrictions, no one under the age of 16 is allowed into the hospital, and in the section I am in, I am technically not allowed any visitors at all until I get transferred over to Labor and Delivery. Truth be told, I have found it absolutely ridiculous. Knowing that this time is already extremely difficult for women as no one plans on having issues when finding out they are pregnant, and now you take away their support. Postpartum women next door are allowed to have their spouse, you can have your spouse in L&D, but not here. Thankfully, I do get about 30 minute wheelchair rides where they take me outside of the hospital to visit with my kiddos, and Matt has been bringing them daily to see me.


However, 30 minutes with my kiddos is simply not enough. I may sound dramatic, but some days it feels like a step up from prison solitary confinement. Matt tells me I am ridiculous and should go visit a prison so I know it isn’t the same, which, I of course know it is not. However, I am in a room, by my self all day. A nurse comes to check on baby twice a day, the doctor checks in with me in the AM, and I am brought a meal 3 times a day. And I do not care how “healthy” they claim the food to be, it is awful, and in no way good for you or your digestive system (and trust me, my digestive tract has indeed suffered). I am not allowed any visitors, and even though I have access to my phone, tv, laptop, and books, I have absolutely no desire to do anything but lay in the dark some days.


This past week was better, but between week 24-25, I am fairly certain I spent most days lying in the dark, not wanting to do anything or even sit up in bed, and as strong as I try to be in front of the kiddos, I just bawled when I saw them. Poor Catherine looked at me and said, “Don’t be sad mama, I love you!” Such a sweetheart, but man I miss being around my kiddos all the time. I have gotten up and am feeling much better this past week. Doing lots of online stuff, finished the Harry Potter book series, and am reading much more, and am ultimately in much better spirits.


With back to school around the corner, it seems I have a lot more I can use to keep my focus on and keep me busy, which ultimately helps my moods, but biggest challenge for me has not to fall into a bad mental place. Thankfully, Matt is amazing, and even though I do not need it, he brings me a bag full of my favorite chocolate every week! Seriously, if you have not tried the Chuao Choclatier bars, you should!


L&D TRIP… TMI. So if you don’t like to talk or hear about open discussion, skip this section!

I briefly mentioned my trip to L&D last week, but this week, I will dive into my L&D trip from last night. Any woman who has carried a baby knows that constipation is something that comes along with being pregnant, well, multiply that while being on bedrest. Daily, since the time I was admitted to the hospital, I have been given a daily stool softener. Well, within the past week, my prenatal was making me extremely ill and I have spent most of my week vomiting a few times a day. Unfortunately for me, when the prenatal came up, so did the stool softener.


I had about 2 days of not going, and then on Friday night had a bowel movement that was painful, but a bowel movement. Saturday morning, Matt brought the kids to see me, and after my wheelchair ride, I felt absolutely miserable. I attempted to lay down, but my stomach starting cramping terribly and I had to constant feel like I needed to go. Well, if you have children, that constant pressure in the bottom, you know usually means baby is coming. The pain was SO bad, that I was throwing up, extremely clammy, having chills, and constantly up and down to try and go to the bathroom, with no success.


Finally, I caved and called my nurse and told her the pain I was in, and on the pain scale of 0-10, I was at an 8. I called Matt crying because I was in so much pain to briefly tell him what was going on, and then went back to try and use the restroom, because I was convinced that is all that was wrong. Well, my nurse called my OB, who rushed over to do a pelvic exam (my cervix is still long and closed, so that was good) however, I was gripping the bed because she did not want me to push and strain anymore, and next thing I know Matt is rushing to the hospital and I am being rushed over to L&D because my doc was convinced this baby was coming and coming quick since all my symptoms were those of a woman without an epidural about to deliver. They wanted to get me on an IV ASAP, but I could not lay down long enough because of the constant pressure I was feeling and was crying in pain. So, I continued to get up and try to go to the restroom. No luck.


Nurses get baby hooked up to the monitor, and she sounds great, two nurses try to get an IV going, but because I was so cold and clammy, they could not hit the vain. After the third poke in attempt to get an IV inĀ  (no success) I had the urge to go to the bathroom again. Finally, after being sick with pain, chills, I finally went to the bathroom and it was almost instant relief. The nurses gave me another round of steroids for baby, and finally on the 5th poke, the nurses finally got be hooked up to an IV to start magnesium to protect baby for when I delivered. This was all started around 10am, and was said and done around 3pm.


After being hooked up to my IV, temp and Blood pressure taken every hour, and a blood draw every 6 hours, the nurses decided to call my doctor because I was no longer showing signs of delivering, and doc agreed to take me off the IV and move me back to antepartum. Truly, I have not felt anything so painful, and would definitely compare the pain to that of when I had Tad (epidural did not work with him, and with Catherine, it worked like a champ and mama napped). My doc came in this morning and said I gave her quite a scare, but thankfully it was a false alarm and they would rather be safe than sorry.


So…. all that worry, and poking, just to determine that I was not in labor, but just really had to use the restroom and it was my intestines causing so much trouble. Now in addition to my stool softener, I have to take MiraLax daily as well to prevent that from happening again (thank you hospital food…). The joke now is that I wasn’t in labor, just really needed to go.


TMI OVER… For the upcoming week:

This week, my plan is to focus on getting back to more intentional time with God, because during those dark days, I put off a lot unless it was sleeping, or crying, and being sure I have everything straightened out. Back to trying to stick with my daily routine, and trying to get better sleep (sleeping here is also something I am struggling with), to help improve my moods, and working on getting Matt to bring foods from home that I can reheat instead of eating the hospital food.


Also, daily visits from my munchkins, which look a like the video below!


Thanks for all the love, prayers, and support!