Open Your Bible Week 1

Open Your Bible Week 1 Bible Study diving into the benefit of scripture. Join me each week as we discuss God’s glorious word!

July 4, 2020

One thing I have really felt called to do is get more into my Bible reading. Honestly, I have read the Bible more in the last month than I probably have in my entire life. Why? I just stopped making excuses, and honestly, when I got the Earth shattering news on June 9th that my water did indeed break, and doctors didn’t know what the outcome would be…. I went straight to the one who did know. I prayed and begged to God for our unborn daughter to be okay, and just got deep into God’s word like never before.


It has officially been almost 4 weeks since then, and God has continued to surprise me, and answer to our prayers by keeping baby girl safe, and growing inside me. Before I was set to be admitted into the Antepartum unit at the hospital, I knew I wanted to bring a guided Bible study with me. What better one than “Open Your Bible” by Rachel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams. God’s word is enough, always. God doesn’t change, and God doesn’t stop loving you just because you aren’t reading your Bible.


One of the things I have also felt God has been putting on my heart, especially with all the time I have to myself in the hospital, is to share my experience with this study with other women. I by no means am an expert, and I have not done anything like this in my life, but I feel God puts things on our minds and hearts for a reason, and I am all about sharing the goodness of God.