Catherine’s (Almost) 2nd Birthday

Most of you know I have been on bedrest and am scheduled to be admitted to the hospital until our new bundle arrives. So, we celebrated Catherine's birthday a little early so I wouldn't miss it!

June 29, 2020

This year has been crazy. Both in the world, and in my personal life. We found out we were pregnant with baby #3, COVID, murder hornets? Well, to top it off, my water broke early (19weeks, 5 days) and I have been on bedrest since. I have had emotional ups and downs, but was really upset knowing I was going to miss Catherine’s 2nd birthday. The hospital is not allowing visitors under 16, and it is only 1, due to COVID. Which means I will be spending quite some time away from my older kiddos.

Missing summer swimming was hard enough, but missing my little girl’s 2nd birthday? Ouch. Obviously, a healthy baby is worth all the rest, but it still stinks.

Well, since we have been staying at my in laws so my MIL can help with the kiddos while Matt is at work, we decided to have her “birthday party” a little early so mama wouldn’t miss it.

My mother-in-law made her an adorable pink sprinkle birthday cake, because lets face it, she is a princess and LOVES pink. Hubby went and picked up a few Minnie Mouse balloons, and I used my period of sitting I am allowed to sit at the table and eat dinner and cake with the family.

Catherine LOVED her balloons, wanted chocolate more than cake, but really loved all her gifts. I typically avoid plastic when I can, but with this year being a little different and our family between our house, and my in-laws, we caved. Matt and I got her a silicone Minnie Mouse plate so she can graduate from her high chair to the big table with a booster seat. We also picked up this Minnie Mouse Lego Duplo set (out girl LOVES Mickey and Minnie)!

Gramma and Grandpa got her this adorable Minnie Mouse vanity, which she has been obsessing over since she opened it, along with several books and board books because she is also a little book worm.


Tad loved getting to watch sister open presents, I enjoyed Catherine starting to figure out her birthday, and saying, “I’m 2!” and loved that even though I will be in the hospital on her actual birthday, that I go to enjoy seeing her open her presents and celebrate with her a little before!

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