Psalms 18:28

I have recently started Bible Journaling, and although I am not an artist by any means, I wanted to share some of my drawings and inspiration.

June 21, 2020

“You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns darkness into light.” -Psalms 18:28


Recently, I have picked up bible journaling. I don’t have a fancy journaling bible, I just use the same bible I have had for years that I picked up at Half Price Books. The freedom of expression that comes with doodling in my bible brings me such joy, and makes me feel so connected with the words on the page (I’ll post more in depth about my bible journaling in another post).


In my daily reading today, I was reading Psalms 18, and this particular verse really stood out to me. I feel as if I have been going through a particularly dark time likely, and to see this glorious reminder that our God turns that darkness into light is exactly what I needed to read, and I think God knew that.

So, it inspired me to doodle on this page, and show the lamp that the Lord keeps burning for us. If you are going through a dark time, or know someone who is, remember, that God keeps our lamps burning, and sometimes all we need to do is reach out for him while we seek faced with darkness.

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