How to Have More Energy + Confidence + Feel Better Overall

June 10, 2019

How to Have More Energy + Confidence + Feel Better Overall

Do you want more energy + confidence + to feel better? The keep on reading 👀

First, ask yourself… Do you avoid physical activity? Or embrace it? If you answered yes to the first one, hell yes! Keep moving that body girl! 🔥 If you answered yes to avoiding it… Know that movement is okay. Your body was meant to MOVE. Your first step towards that energy + confidence is to throw out those excuses! Some of you are probably reading this and thinking, “but I’m so tired, how can I move?” “I work all day and don’t have time,” “my kids keep me busy, etc.” S T O P. 🙅 Cut the crap now. You have to start somewhere + you need to start N O W. If you wait until you feel ready or until you have the energy you’ll never get that body going.

How do I know? Because I used to make E V E R Y excuse for why I couldn’t workout, or move or walk, or do anything. I went to work, then came home, and watched TV until it was time for bed. How miserable to just live life unable to move + glued to the television when I had an ABLE body. So I’ll tell you, yes you can. If you have an able body, then please use it. It may be hard at first, but you know what else is hard? Not ever having enough energy to do the things you want to do. If you can tough it through the first steps and just get moving, you will end up having so much more energy in the long run. Moving your body allows more blood flow to the body, your heart working more, and in return, more energy to continue getting that body moving.

How about food? Do you fill your body with mostly nutritious food, or are you stopping at the local fast joint for breakfast + dinner? Too expensive to meal prep? Too busy to cook? Girl, I’ll show you my receipts, and let me show you how little time I spend in the kitchen on Sunday. Cause this mama does not have time for all that. With two kids, and a husband out of town all days but the weekend, I am trying to spend as little time in the kitchen to spend as much time with my family. It is possible for healthy eating to be easy, and affordable. I will tell you, giving your body {N U T R I T I O U S} food is not a fad. Your body + health literally depends on it. In the long haul, your diet will save you on medical bills, and prevent bad health in the future, because working out and nutritious food is the best medicine. And I bet I can show you how to save time, money, and feel great after some slow, consistent changes!

What about your mental health? Are you finding things you enjoy? Maybe a good book + cup of coffee? Bubble bath + wine? A day hiking?  Or knitting? Maybe a day at the spa? Heck, it can be all of those things, or none of them, but you have to find something you enjoy. Truly enjoy. Maybe you only find 15 minutes a day at first, but girl, if you can’t find fifteen minutes for you, then we have a bigger problem We live in a world that wants us to be busy. It is a serious problem to our family life + health. But the thing is, we control our life, and we HAVE to make time to take care of ourselves. We absolutely cannot take care of anyone else.


I read a blog post the other day about how moms just cannot catch up from just one day of self care, or a few hours away. Well, yeah… Self care is something you should be working on the daily! Even if that means setting your alarm an hour early to spend some quiet time with just you before the kiddos wake up. Whether you are a mama or not, you have to find some time in your day just for you. If you say you cannot even find 15 minutes, then shoot me a message girl, because we need to do some serious prioritizing of all the things you have going on. I bet there are some things you can cut out, be more intentional with, or arrange your day in a way that flows.


If you are moving your body, eating mostly, yes I said mostly, nutritious foods, and taking time to make sure your mind is taken care of, the confidence + energy will follow. Even if you just focus on moving your body and eating better, the mental usually isn’t too far behind. So ask yourself, how can you get moving? What can you change about your diet? Where can you cut things out to find time for you? Need help? I’m happy to help!