Mother’s Day 2019 Zoo Trip

May 13, 2019

Y’all, we had the absolute B E S T time at the Zoo. We got up on Mother’s Day, which also happened to he my little man’s 5th birthday (CANNOT Believe I have a 5 year old), and the day Catherine turned 10 months (cannot believe she will be 1 in two months!!) It was Catherine’s first trip to the zoo, and I don’t know if you can tell, but she is just thrilled to be sitting in her stroller, cheesing next to big bro!

Matt was oh so good to me this Mother’s Day, and honestly, this day could not of been any more perfect. Sneaking kisses in between exhibits, smiles on both the kids faces, walking around as a family, no phones, just enjoying one another, and soaking in all the excitement on a new place. A baby monkey and its mama, flamingos, giraffes up clothes. Elephants (my favorite) a crocodile (Tad’s favorite thing we saw there), and so many more animals! We even missed out on some animals because after hours walking the zoo, we were all tired and ready for a snooze!

We spent several hours here before momma + the kiddos got tired and started to crash. I am pretty sure everyone but Matt fell asleep on the way home too (ha!). I know we were all just pooped.With both kiddos sleeping, we decided to eat in the car before they woke, and we would feed them separate.On the way home, Matt and I joked that we haven’t enjoyed a meal so peaceful in a LONG time. The little things just made me smile, and reminded me to always find things to be grateful for daily. With your family, spouse, friends, life. Even when things can get difficult, stay focused, work hard, and stay committed. Honestly, I read this early tonight, and I think it is SO applicable, and we should always remember it.


Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart…”


May you always find those blessings + be g r a t e f u l for all the little moments.