Why I Started Juicing

February 4, 2019

So my husband and I just bought this juicer. When we moved into our first apartment, we discussed over and over again getting a juicer, but we wanted to be sure we researched the best one, and made an educated purchase when it came to the juicer we wanted. Honestly, my husband was the one who initially brought up the idea. He isn’t a fan of many fruits or vegetables, but insisted he would be more likely to get his daily servings in if he drank them instead.

I was down to get anything that would motivate him towards a healthier lifestyle. So, we looked into juicers, found the perfect one… and then did nothing. We completely forgot about the juicer for a while, or would mention how we needed to start juicing, but did nothing about it. Fast forward to recently. My husband is constantly on the road for work, and I have found it hard to get all my servings of fruits and veggies in with myself and the kids. It was time. We did a quick refresher on juicers, and were back at the same one we initially decided on all those years ago.


Each morning I wake up, and juice myself and my husband (if he is home), straight celery juice. We drink it on an empty stomach, and wait 30 minutes before we consume anything else. Want more information on the benefits of celery juice?  Then, with breakfast, I make fresh orange juice.


Now, I know that the fibers in fruits and vegetables is good for you, but the way I see it, better to drink your nutrients minus a little fiber than not at all. If you’re wanting to start juicing, I totally say go for it! You can figure out how to start juicing, and incorporate it into your daily routine to get all those awesome nutrients.


Juicing has become such a ritual, if I don’t make my husband celery juice in the morning, he will start asking why he didn’t get juice, and since he was a huge skeptic about celery juice in the first place, this is a big deal. Cannot wait to continue down this juicing path, and share all the yummy juicing recipes with you!

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