Galveston :: January 2019

January 15, 2019

My husband often travels for work all over Texas. If you have a spouse or significant other that travels, is in the military, or you are in a long distance relationship, you know the struggle. Thankfully, my husband is only away for usually one-two weeks at a time, this is especially hard on me. Especially now that we have a new little girl in the mix. Before Catherine, I seemed to have an easier time with him being gone. Obviously I missed him, but him being away is almost devastating. I feel he is missing on so many milestones of the kiddos lives. Like crawling, first words, the kids learning to play together and more.


Well, this mama finally had enough + decided that until our oldest starts Kindergarten, that I was going to travel with my man + enjoy as much time with him as I possibly could. Even if that meant meal prepping like crazy, and dragging half of my house across the United States (well, across Texas, but basically the same thing, ha!). So, this week my husband is working in Galveston, TX and the kids and I are just having the best time down here to see him. I woke up early to see my husband off to work, then get some of my own work done before the kiddos get up for the day.


So far our days have consisted of this early routine followed by breakfast, a quick workout, then packing up to go to the beach. Surprisingly the temperature hasn’t been too bad for January. We have needed jackets + there has been some winds, but we have have just the best time walking down the beach, finding seashells + enjoying our time together.

I write this post as I lay next to my sleeping 5 month old + handsome hubby + watch as my 4 year old builds legos at the edge of the bed. We ended our day walking around the beach by a nice family dinner, just the four of us. Talking about our day + all the things we have found. MY husband truly is the best. I could not ask for a better partner in life. This season in our life is so good + we are learning to navigate being parents to two + handle life with him on the road + really just enjoy the luxury to get to travel to see him at work with our kiddos. I am blessed beyond measure + cannot wait to see what other adventures we will have before school starts for my 4 year old this fall.


For now, I have to go as my youngest stirs for her mama +  all I want to do it continue to soak in these memories and moments to last a lifetime. <3



Much love,