November 7, 2018

Our wedding day. I was very pregnant with our little girl. A wedding that I planned myself in a week. The dress, flowers, spot! Well, I shouldn’t say myself, I was very lucky and stumbled upon Simply Eloped, and had an excellent team helping me, but there was still a ton of planning, coordinating, and making it happen.

My simple, yet beautiful dress, the photographer partnering with Simply Eloped who did an exquisite job.  The officiant, Iver, who was sure to contact me and help with our vows. My son by my sides daughter in my tummy. My handsome, and loving husband. The day was just perfect, and the trip was amazing.

I am so fortunate to have such amazing in-laws whom I adore and love as if they were my own parents. I was able to have a wedding to read about, and make beautiful memories with my family while there. I replay this day many times, how crazy and rushed all day seemed, but how perfect our ceremony and evening was.

I dream of days when this Texas gal gets to escape and go see the Colorado mountains again, and gets to visit the spot where my love and I sealed our family together. Beyond grateful and oh so blessed.


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