Strong Daughters

October 30, 2018

In my home my little girl doesn’t know any evil. She sees goodness, and love. Mommy, daddy, and brother. She will grow up to see her mommy working hard, everyday to continue building her dream. My daughter will grow up into a strong confident little girl, and eventually a strong woman. Knowing that her momma has moved mountains, and that she is capable of the same thing as long as she sets out to do so.┬áMy little girl will grow up not having to apologize for whom she is, and will instead be able to embrace every aspect of her being.

Sadly, we live in a world, where people can tear one another down. Women can be shamed for staying home with their children, for building a business, for working too much and sending their children to daycares. For being too emotional, or too tough, Seemingly it is impossible to do anything right if you were to listen to anyone and everyone who had an opinion to give. Which is why it is so important that in my home, I continue to raise strong children, and a daughter who knows that the opinions of others should not be strong enough to tear her down.

We should continue to raise strong daughters, strong children. To know that it is okay to be vulnerable at times, and other times to be strong and brave. My daughter will continue to grow up, seeing her mommy was capable of great things, and the only limiting factor was that of myself, and my daughter will grow up to know it is okay for her to make her own decision about the type of life she chooses to live, and pursue it fiercely, and passionately, because it is her desire.


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