Happy Wednesday

Some fun facts on a Wednesday

October 28, 2018

Spent the morning at my in laws with the kiddos before Tad had to go to his dad’s house. He will spend the next couple of days with him, so sister and I will get some girl time.
Love my slower mornings and family time 😊

For those of you new to my page, I thought I would share some facts about me and say πŸ‘‹

So fun facts!
1. Mama to these 2 entertaining kiddos.
2. Wifey to an incredible man whom I’ve known close to 10 years now 😏 and we tied the knot this past April.
3. I must have my coffee in the morning. And my bagels. Love a good cinnamon or blueberry bagel. β˜•
4. I have my Bachelor’s degree from Texas Wesleyan University (go Rams! 🐏) Though my current life allows me to work from wherever and allows me one expensive piece of paper 😎
5. I love to draw, and even though my art is comparable to that of a 1st grade art project, I find it very therapeutic. I even leave my hubby little doodles thought the week.
6. I still don’t look forward to exercise, but I look forward to how I feel after I finish. You’ll see my workout clips all over my stories. πŸ’ͺ
7. I find such joy in knowing I can be a positive light in other’s lives. I think it’s why I love what I do so much. Helping others become happier, more confident versions of themselves. Or finding their true selves as I say.
8. I was always in the top ten percentile of my graduating class, but was never one for the structure of school so I busted my butt to graduate early from both high school and college. I had my bachelor’s degree before I was 20.
9. I love singing. All the time. In the car, shower, around the house. Any chance, unless someone is listening, then I get shy about it. 🎢🎀
10. I have never been out of the country, unless you count the time I was visiting family down in South Texas and was on a run when suddenly my phone gave me a notification that I was no longer in the United States and had crossed into international service area. Oops.

So there you have it. 10 fun facts about me this Wednesday! <3