Pumpkin Patch

A random family trip to the pumpkin patch

October 26, 2018

Yesterday was a great day. Hubby came home from work, and we decided to take a random trip to the pumpkin patch. Y’all… this was a BIG deal to me. I stay home with the kids all week, and when hubby gets home on a Friday, I look forward to outings with him and the kids. However, my husband works long, hard hours, usually out of town. Most of the time, he comes home and is simply exhausted. Most days, he doesn’t have energy for outings, or things other than family time within the house.

But yesterday, on a random Friday in October, Tad asked him nicely if we could go see pumpkins, and without hesitation he said yes! My heart nearly exploded. We loaded the kiddos into the car, and enjoyed some lovely time. Tad got to run around looking at all the different pumpkins, Catherine was snuggled up in daddy’s arms enjoying the cool weather.

Tad picked out a little pumpkin for himself, and found what I think is the tiniest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch for his baby sister. It was so nice to be able to just enjoy a random Friday evening with my little family. It literally cost $1.50 for the two pumpkins, a little gas to get there, but left our hearts filled with joy and minds filled with memories.

So today, I am reflecting on how important it is to enjoy the little moments in life. The time we could easily take oh so for granted. Sometimes it becomes easy to get wrapped up in the what we wish we had, the things we want and wish for, instead of focusing and appreciating what is in front of us.

Not today. Today I am so grateful, and so blessed for my family, my husband, and the memories made at a little random pumpkin patch, on a random Friday in October.


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